Loin, Leg or Shoulder of Pork    Tenderloin    Chops    Steaks    Diced  Hand of    Belly    Spare Ribs     Offal


  Forerib/back rib    Braising    Ribeye    Topside/Silverside    Sirloin/Rump/Fillet    Diced/Shin/Brisket/chuck

Wild Venison   

Haunch    Steaks    Fillet    Diced

           Bacon -        Dry cured back/Streaky    Smoked/Unsmoked   

          Sausages -     Traditional pork    Chipolatas    Merguez    Gluten free    Wild venison     Beef    Cooking Chorizo

and others when available

              Charcuterie -    Dry cured Ham    Pate    Air dried ham     Coppa     Salamis  

Any cuts you don't see, but would like; are available on request

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